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It's time for the real estate industry to catch up with today's tech savvy customers who are capable of doing most, if not all, what they need to sell or buy real estate. On example is that you no longer need a broker to find a home on the MLS, because you have access to it already. But brokers are still charging their clients the same. Why is that? We understand this and allow our clients to pick and choose what services they need and which ones they don't saving them thousands of dollars. You can choose our free listing service or receive a broker closing credit that can put an extra $2,500 in your pocket.

I think real estate is a great industry. It's a place of art, science and philanthropy. I love looking at architecture of both old and new buildings, analysing the financial markets the global economy, and most importantly helping people realize their dreams with real estate


My start in real estate start when I was ten years old helping my father maintain the family's apartment complex. In those years I did everything from plumbing to roofing and everything in between. Later on in college, I spent a year roofing homes in a small development for extra money. It was amazing watching something beautiful come up from nothing. What impresses me about real estate was that it enables people like my father who had nothing acquire something of the American dream.

In 2001 I received my degree from California State University Fullerton in Real Estate and became a real estate broker in 2002. Since then I have run my own brokerage business handling both commercial and residential transactions and mortgage loans. I have enjoyed the last 13 years immensely meeting so many people with different situations and performing a wide variety of transactions.

From Los Angeles California I moved to Madison Wisconsin in 2009. One of my best decisions in my life. Two of my very best, of course, is marrying my wife and deciding to have kids. I never thought I would feel so much at home as I do here in the mid-west. Here, I started Madison Pro Realty with great purpose and focus. Not only be of service but be an actual benefit to those were affected by the great recession and the housing collapse of 2008.


During that time, we gave hope to people. To those who couldn’t afford to sell their home because they were upside down  on their mortgage, Madison Pro Realty offered Free listings.  To those with little cash due to the recession, we gave a generous amount of our commissions so they could afford closing costs. These two programs have help many people get out from their homes they have out grown into lasting homes with the promise of greater stability.

Madison Pro Realty still offers these two programs today to every single client who is looking for a home. In fact, with the lastest developments in technology and software, we made these two programs our focal point of our business plan. Now we show our clients how to use the Internet and mobile devices to partner with us as they buy or sell a home. These partnerships have tremendous efficiencies which saves us time and money.At the end, we share the money we saved with  our clients as true partners should.

No longer do clients have to put up with “limited-service” firms or “Flat-Fee” brokers who charge little but are not there for you through the thick and thin. Our clients receive the full-service support of an experience brokerage firm while letting technology and partnership do the savings for them.

How can we do all this? We are Wisconsin's leading real estate brokerage firm that both embraces technology and partners with with every client to bring real estate services into the 21st century.

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